• A track I had in my Favorites and Playlist is gone. What happened to it?
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    Very rarely we may need to remove a track from the site. Feel free to contact us for specific information on the removal of a track you might have been interested in.
  • How much music does The License Lab release online each year?
    Categories: All, Music Library
    As much as possible. Really. We’re committed to releasing at least 10 new tracks every week, and so far we’re way ahead of that schedule.
  • Is the music available at The License Lab considered part of a Buy-Out library?
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    No, we are a production music library distributor with a select group of exclusive catalog offerings. We maintain a list of friendly and helpful Buy Out libraries to whom we regularly refer new customers who may be better suited by the Buy-Out/Royalty-Free business model… happy to help, just send us an email.