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Analog Champion

Analog Champion
Analog Champion

Unearthed treasures, filthy recordings, and gritty performances culled from dusty archives and recorded using vintage and retro techniques.

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Album ID# Album Title Tracks
ACPM-018 Folk 12
ACPM-017 Dusty Blues 12
ACPM-016 80s Pop Rock 12
ACPM-015 Polka 12
ACPM-014 Punk 12
ACPM-013 Classic Rock 12
ACPM-012 New Orleans 12
ACPM-011 Old Soul 12
ACPM-010 Blues 12
ACPM-009 Rockabilly 12
ACPM-008 Gypsy Folk 12
ACPM-007 Latin Jazz 12
ACPM-006 Yacht Rock 12
ACPM-005 Bluegrass 12
ACPM-004 American Twang 12
ACPM-003 Jazz 12
ACPM-002 Surf 12
ACPM-001 Swamp Blues 12