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Dancing About Architecture

Dancing About Architecture
Dancing About Architecture

Through ADDY-award-winning campaigns for AT&T and RAM Trucks, custom commercial compositions for industry leaders such as Makers Mark, The Home Depot, Samsung, and with sound design credits on films such as American Hustle, Fast & Furious, The Secret Life Of Bees, and Clear & Present Danger, the talented team audio architects at Music by Design has crafted projects filled with inspired sonic constructions and stand ready to apply their skill set to a brand new series of production music developed exclusively for The License Lab.

Built around the idea that “talking about music is like dancing about architecture," the music and concepts presented in DAA are filled with high-minded plans and unique blueprints for lofty style-combinations and esoteric genres not normally found in stock music library catalogs.

Dancing About Architecture is best heard and interpreted on your own terms, so take a listen and let the music lead you off the blueprint and into spaces that have previously existed only in your mind.

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Album ID# Album Title Tracks
DAA-020 Dreams Take Flight 12
DAA-019 Brazilectro 15
DAA-018 Crimes Of Fashion 15
DAA-017 Stories In Scores 15
DAA-016 Geek Beats 15
DAA-015 Inspired By Silence 15
DAA-014 Fractured Beauty 15
DAA-013 Cinema Insidious 15
DAA-012 Paint By Number 15
DAA-011 Cinema Sonics 15
DAA-010 Mutant Jazz 15
DAA-009 Stark Simplicity 15
DAA-008 Listener Discretion Advised 15
DAA-007 Furniture Music 15
DAA-006 Post Classical 15
DAA-005 Scored Beats 15
DAA-004 Cinematic Orchestra 15
DAA-003 Abstract Piano 15
DAA-002 Chillstep 15
DAA-001 Toytronica 15