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Hype shouldn’t be a buzzword. When lovingly crafted, it’s a lifestyle, it’s in the DNA… not some slogan to be exploited, but a culture to be celebrated.

$hit-hot tracks for sports and lifestyle promos from the creative team behind some of the most successful production music libraries of all time.

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Album ID# Album Title Tracks
HK-10 Hip-Hop v2 21
HK-09 Smile Pop 17
HK-08 Turntablism 20
HK-07 Hard Rock 14
HK-06 Pop Punk 9
HK-05 K-Pop 10
HK-04 Moombahton 10
HK-03 Dubstep 12
HK-02 Electro 19
HK-01 Hip-Hop 15