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LMNTL Records
LMNTL Records

Radio-ready sounds by independent artists, purpose-built as production music. Explore trending genres and attention-grabbing sonics through our ongoing series of artist/producer collaborations. We distill commercial music to its most vital components... craft and passion, form and utility... the four elements of the best music, available here for your productions as LMNTL Records.

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Album ID# Album Title Tracks
LMTL-009 All Fired Up 9
LMTL-008 None Of Us Do 8
LMTL-006 Battery Operated Boytoy 10
LMTL-005 Leave Me In The Dust 8
LMTL-004 We Could Take Our Bikes 10
LMTL-003 We Were Promised Robots 8
LMTL-002 The Light Beckons 10
LMTL-001 Along The Outer Edge 11