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Playlist Production Music
Playlist Production Music

Major league song productions that are meant to be heard & get you noticed. Hooks for days, sing-along melodies, full vocal presentations. Modern pop & rock, retro soul, indie singer songwriter, adventurous alternative & bleeding edge EDM.

Playlist is also the home for various themed song collections, such as our Christmas and Happy Birthday releases.

Contact your TLL representative for track licensing and pricing information.

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Album ID# Album Title Tracks
PLAY-006 Playlist vol. 6 20
PLAY-005 Playlist vol. 5 14
PLAY-004 Playlist vol. 4 - Xmas Variety Pack 20
PLAY-003 Playlist vol. 3 12
PLAY-002 Playlist vol. 2 13
PLAY-001 Playlist vol. 1 12